A Sports Rehabilitator’s Guide to reducing the effects of DOMs

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When your body is put under metabolic or mechanical stress during exercise your body isn’t used to,  you can start to feel the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). In severe cases, the effects can last for up to a week; but generally happen up to 72 hours after the event – usually at it’s worst after 48hours. So how can you reduce the effects?

Studies have shown that you can reduce the effects by several methods;

  1. Keep Hydrated – drink plenty of H2O!
  2. Good nutrition (eat balanced meals!)
  3. Pain Free stretching several times a day
  4. Drink Milk
  5. Have plenty of sleep
  6. Sports Massage – that’s where I can help!

Why does Sports Massage help the effects of DOMS?

Sports massage has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the effects of DOMS. This is due to improved circulation and lymph drainage which in turn speeds up nutrients and oxygen being delivered to your tissue. It also helps speed up the removal of waste metabolites which can hamper recover. Massage therefore encourages the recovery of any micro tissue damage incurred during exercise.

Why is it important to stretch post exercise?

Stretching and keeping hydrated will prevent soft tissue from seizing up by stopping soft tissue ‘sticking together’ (by not allowing cross-fibres to form between the collagen in your soft tissue).

Another top tip if you partake in any form of exercise regularly invest in a foam roller. This will be one of your best friends. Foam rolling helps to reduce muscle imbalances in your body, which prevents chance of injury due to less stress at joints or in the soft tissue itself; and also increases the function of the soft tissue.

N.B. You should not feel pain when stretching – this is important. If pain occurs book in to seek professional advice. If you are local to my clinic, I will undergo a full assessment of your issues and from there will advise a course of treatment – it could be as simple as needing a sports massage!

I hope you have found this blog helpful – if you have any further questions on the topic, or would like to book in for an appointment – get in touch!

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