Looking back at the Essex Baby Show with Top Tips for keeping a good posture in Pregnancy

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Last month, Watkins Sports Recovery exhibited at the Essex Baby Show at Chelmsford City Racecourse. I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at the event where I shared the importance of posture in preventing many common pregnancy and postnatal muscular issues.

Whilst the talk could have done a little smoother – it was hard doing demos with one hand on the mic!! – I hope it provided some helpful information to mums to be and new parents out there!

For those who missed the talk or couldn’t join us at the event, I thought I would put together a collection of my top tips for good posture in pregnancy!

  • Get an exercise ball; the big colourful kind that supports your weight. Its not only a weapon to throw at your partner when you need a drink; you can help reduce occurrence and severity of lower back pain. How to do it…….sit on the ball and carry out pelvic tilt and lateral movement exercises or in laymans terms moving the ball back and forth and side to side using your bum/pelvis not your legs.
  • Reduce your mobile phone usage; or more precisely texting/playing games on it as this can reduce the likelihood of mummy’s thumb occurring. Mummy’s thumb is a weakening of the wrist with associated pain, so you struggle to grip and it hurts.
  • Talking of mobile phones…..when using your phone try to minimise the TEXTNECK. What is textneck? It’s the forward head posture that stresses your upper back and neck, and it can also stress your lower back. How to remedy …… Pull your head back so its in line with your shoulders, which should be in line with your hips, knees and ankles. You can also do some basic exercises to help. One such exercise is pinching your shoulder blades together for 30s for each set and doing 3 sets, with 20s rest in-between.
  • A typical posture of pregnant ladies is called the sway back; where the upper back/shoulders are leant backwards to counter the weight at the front. This is an issue as it can cause lower back pain, and increase the likelihood of diastasis recti. Light conditioning of the core early on to improve the its endurance, so you will feel less inclined to sway back. If your bump is clearly showing and you’re suffering with back pain you can try the exercise ball idea; and also the cat/cow; both of which will lengthen the short non working back muscles and reduce pain.

If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, and would like to talk to me about tips and advice on posture, please give me a call to arrange a complimentary one-to-one this summer where I can give you top tips and advice on reducing pregnancy and post-natal muscular issues.

Alternatively you can find me at the Chelmsford and Witham Sling Library – Naturally Happy Families on the following dates:

10th September in Witham
17th September in Chelmsford

We will be exhibiting at the next Essex Baby Show in November. Tickets on sale now! It was a great event and we look forward to seeing you there!


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